Friday, August 5, 2011

Respite 2 year old twins day 1

woke at 6am and drove home from Ashland.
Twins arrived at noon.
2 hr where the hell am I? fit before 30 minute nap
1 hr play time
45 minutes played at park
20 minute fit by one who didn't want to be in the stroller
10 times the other one told his screaming bro to be quiet
2 hrs playing
10 nuggets for dinner
5 sippy cups
Three diaper changes
Two baths
Two bottles
One kids asleep
The other fighting it while my amazing husband rocks him.

Our condo is too small for two year old twins.

They are adorable and the cats have been ok.
Routine is the key, Routine is the key.

I am exhausted.

Everytime a foster kid goes somewhere new, they don't know if it is forever or a week. As two year olds they can't communicate their fear, but they are pretty freaked out. I hate that they are two and have abandonment issues.

Even if we just get love them for a week, it is worth it.

I am exhausted. I love my husband. Just when we figure it out, they will go home.

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