Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thoughts in the middle of the tornado.

1. Foster Mom glossed over some things and wasn't super honest about others. Example: "They can eat at the table and don't need high chairs." reality, they use high chairs at her house and tend to fall out of real chairs.

2. These twins remind me of Jonathan and Tim, my oldest nephews, one has brown hair, one blond, one is a picky eater, one is a daredevil and they hate and love each other very much.

3. God gives you a baby first so that when they become toddlers you are prepared. Being thrown into the middle of it is a little shocking.

4. Condo sucks for little kids. Our neighbors are crazy.

5. God Bless Caiullo

6. I have taken care of little kiddos before, Aly and I were all over NYC when she was 3 and 4, but 1 is is differant than two and Aly was surronded by people who adored her and loved her. Thankfully she never had to wonder if someone was going to leave or hurt her. These guys are wary. They were very unsure about cuddling and are just kind of angry and sad that they have been uprooted.

7. A chat with their foster mom let me know that they were drug babies. I really dislike people who do meth while pregnant.

8. They are adorable and like to take care of one another.

9.  I am a person who needs sleep and am a little crazy without.

10. I can't believe my Mom did this alone.

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  1. You are a brave, loving, competent parent. You not only CAN do this, you ARE doing it. Believe me, no one has the corner on doing "two @ two" well. It is a moment by moment juggle. You've got a huge net of people routing for all four of you. xoxo