Sunday, April 15, 2012

Book Challenge Day 2: My Least Favorite Book

I cannot decide between two so I am including them both.

1. A friend suggested that I read this book on my long flight from Portland to Paris. It was the only book that I brought along and I loathed it. I have since read other Vonnegut books and I just don't like him. Catch 22 is ok, and I could read it and not be annoyed the whole time, but this book just bored the crap out of me. I hated all the characters and I didn't care what happened. I made myself finish it, but I was so angry I did.

2. This may make me an awful person, but I find Anne to be very, very annoying. I know she is caught in a tragic event, and I appreciate that she provides a face for the millions who were slaughtered in the Holocaust, but I can't stand her writing. For the past five years, I have taught the play, which is actually worse than the novel, and I just feel bad about it. I think their are better novels about a teen in the Holocaust. To me Night is a much more powerful story. I know that she is in hiding and Wiesel in a camp, but I also think that there is value in the fact that he wrote the book after his interment and it isn't based on a diary.  My diabolical plan is to switch to teaching Night next year. I admire what this book does for educating people about the various sides of the holocaust, but I just can't stand Anne.

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