Sunday, April 22, 2012

Book Challenge Day 9: A book I have read more than once

I struggled with this prompt. At first glance it seemed pretty inane, but Justin pointed out that I read books like other people watch movies, and that helped focus me. I read most books more than once. There are a variety of reasons I do this, rereading is a good habit, I teach the same books from year to year, or I know that as I age classic stories teach me different things. However, the books I read over and over again until I know them by heart are my friends. I know these books. They represent a moment or a memory. I love the characters, or the setting. These are the books I pick up when I am stressed out, tired, sad or anxious. They are embedded in the fabric of who I am. Here are the books I would consider to be my best friends:

Anne Shirley is a good friend of mine, and I love all of her books. This particular part of the series is my all time favorite, because she realizes all of her dreams and after a long "Jonah Night" she finally admits that Gilbert is her true love. When I have a "Jonah Night" day or week, this book makes it better. In the end Anne and I will both be fine.

I am a mystery buff, and the little Belgium has always been one of my favorites. When he is using his "little gray cells" to solve a murder that appears unsolvable, I am swept away. Whether reading, watching or listening to these classic mysteries, I am a happy camper.

Jamie, Claire, history, time travel and sweeping romance, what more could a girl ask for? I love this whole series. It just makes me happy.

Steinbeck traveled an America that is almost impossible find today. I love road trips. I choose driving over flying anytime. There is something very special about driving across this country and experiencing just how different we are. Steinbeck did it before there was a huge interstate highway system. There is no author whose voice appeals to me more than his. When I feel a bit of wanderlust and am unable to go anywhere, I am happy to climb into Rocinante and go with Steinbeck and Charley.

One of my favorite myths and my favorite author. It really doesn't get much better than this.

Justin is currently reading all the books to Harrison and I. Rowling created a world comparable to Narnia and I am happy to delve into it. It never gets old.

A modern Agatha Christieesque mystery series set between WWI and WWII. Maisie is a fascinating character who keeps me guessing. I love the time period that she lives in and how her experiences as a nurse in WWI effect her ability to connect to others.

Justin gave me this series for Christmas two years ago and I wasn't sure I would enjoy it. I love them. Longmire is a Wyoming Sheriff who has flashbacks from Vietnam. Johnson style is Steinbeckesque, I can truly see remote part of northern Wyoming that the series is set. I can't put these down.

There are so many more choices I could make. As I am writing this blog, more and more books are rushing to my mind. I may have to revisit this post again later.....

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